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Do you feel stuck, restless, unsure? Are you asking yourself in which direction to go and what to do? How your current situation could possibly be changed? How stressful feelings or mental blockages can be dissolved?

In transformative regressions in hypnosis we will explore what is holding you back. Within the focused, effective sessions, whatever is causing the blockages will be looked at and dissolved within its root cause. When issues dissolve, nothing stands in the way of change, you will feel free and sense your own inner power, find your success, meet your happiness.

Meet your own soul,
touch your heart,
find inner peace.

As a result of my work you will find your inner freedom, abundance and calm. Regaining your power, finding your success, meeting your happiness.

irisbea_fischer | 24 May

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irisbea_fischer | 22 May

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Sessions are comfortably given online, cozily from home