What My Clients Say About My Work

Sharing the wonderful transformations
This was my second session with Iris and from the 1st time I met Iris, I knew that I am connecting with the right person. Sharing and discussing my issues and thoughts about physical and mental pain is not easy for me, especially after seeing so many experts and going through various surgeries without any positive results. I have tried everything available, followed all the recommendations from top notch specialists to spiritual healers, I tried all herbs and supplements, exercises and even tree hugging - but it was in the past life regression I had recently with Iris when I discovered the root cause of my struggles and I realised that my patterns are repeating from past lives. Realizing what is holding me back from living a pain free life was one amazing experience, but standing up after the session without feeling any pain in my lower back was mind blowing. I have always been a 2 feet on the ground no kind of nonsense person, and at first it was a bit hard for me to do all this deep work, but once i saw the results and how the success was accumulating and that my body and mind reacted so positively i knew i am on the right path. Finding Iris and finally understanding what was holding me back is the most amazing experience I have ever had. The 10.000 km of distance between us disappeared the moment the session started and Iris was holding a safe space for me where I felt being held and professionally guided and there was absolutely no time pressure or a moment of feeling that I can't speak my thoughts. Working with Iris, one of the kindest people i have ever met, was a life changing experience and one I can only recommend strongly to anyone who struggles with anything on a physical and emotional level. Thank you Iris, for your time, your guidance and your very amazing talent to connect the dots holistically and help me to understand them in context with my issues. I am very grateful that i have met you
I have never had any past life experiences but had always been curious about them. I was truly surprised about the images I could recall. It all made sense and I could tell why and how those images related to my current problem. It was a fantastic and enlightening experience! Iris made me feel at ease immediately and guided me through the whole process in a very gentle and loving way. Thank you Iris!!!
Rosa Martha Celorio Aceves
Being a perfectionist (which is not something to be proud of as I have learnt) my standards were over-the-top when it came to selecting someone to work with me, especially for deep emotional work. And I hit the jackpot (thankfully). From the get-go, Iris came across as very calm and professional which put my hesitation at ease instantly. But it was her ability to navigate through my session and help me seek out the root cause issue of my blockage that gave me the tremendous transformation that I had been seeking. So thank you Iris for your assistance!
Adelina Hayden
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this session possible for me last night! Your approach with great care, compassion, love and pure healing intentions is wonderful and is very much appreciated by me! You are a soul healer, and you have tremendous power and the right intuition to guide your clients in the most appropriate direction. Your words are so healing, so calming and so comforting! They close all wounds! The pressure in my chest is gone, it's not there anymore, I was looking for it today, but I will never do that again, because I really believe it disappeared with some of the luggage I let go of last night and which I carried unconsciously for 38 years....Thank you for opening the room for this healing! I appreciate your work and your efforts and I wish I could send you a box of chocolate and a bouquet of flowers today, you deserve more than that, but that would be just a little THANK YOU from my pure heart!

How I Can Help

Shadow Work
If you aspire to new heights and want to work on your shadows, in order to overcome the inner darkness, I am here to help. Our shadow self is oftentimes what we are not aware of, but our triggers show what is yet unhealed and we will gently meet them
Emotional Distress
If you suffer from anger issues, unbearable fear, deep sadness, grief, I can help you overcome these strong emotions, so they will be released for good, helping you to return to your internal sense of feeling at peace with yourself.
Black Sheep To Self Love
As the black sheep, you might feel familiar with being the target of criticizim, neglect, rejection, being looked down upon. Sometimes family systems, when they are dysfunctional, have a common outcast, where they send all their frustration towards, but this never was really about you and I am here to help you reconnect to who you really are and not to the false image others might have given you.
Overcoming Abuse
Trauma impacts us often in a very detrimental way, but there are ways to overcome it. In a gentle and compassionate way, I am holding the space for the wounds to heal. Because what happened in the past, we might not be able to change that, yet we hold the power within us to alter what lies infront of us and what we do experience today.
Past Life Struggles
What I observe over and over again within my work: whatever challenges we face in our life, they so often begin in previous livetimes. What we are facing today is oftentimes a mirror of what started as a ripple sometimes many livetimes ago. We hold the power to end the cycle and free ourselves from it for good and I am here to support you with it.
Spiritual Challenges
If you want to explore karmic relationships or want to get a deeper connection with your spiritual self, I am happy to support you on your journey, exploring why certain people might be in your life and rediscovering your higher self and your soul, the essential part of who you are.