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I am Iris, a German living in Switzerland, a mom of two children. My biography is not a straight one, actually it is more a journey of being lost, loosing myself and slowly returning home, connecting to my true self.

After finishing school, I didn`t even know who I was and what I wanted to become - jobwise, so I jumped from studying African languages to working as a stonemason, to studying Anthropology and working in video editing, to being a housewife, homeschooling my children and then finally finding my path to hypnosis.

After reading David Chamberlain`s "Babies remember" I knew my own story was essential for me to heal - even though I barely remembered anything, any of the events I had experienced as a child, but my body was screaming, keeping me in destructive patterns - so I wanted to dive into my own past, reclaiming my stories and it had to be via regressive hypnosis.

It was like an eyeopener to realize we are formed by our own history - our bodies do remember - , but we are not bound to it, we can free ourselves from those boundaries, from those patterns, from those limitations, owning our life, because we are so much more.

Finding Rapid Transformational Therapy by Marisa Peer really finally opened those closed doors of mine, and aligning myself with who I am and with what I want to offer to the world, thanks to RTT. All the threads finally came together.
And here I am passionate about this method, convinced that this is the way to go - when you want to arrive home, there is barely anything as powerful out there as RTT.

No journey is more rewarding and also needs more courage than the journey to your inner self. No gadget, no toy, no expensive holiday can give you the fulfillment like the connection to your inner self does


Growing up in an extremely dysfunctional/narcissistic family, enduring traumatizing events, being the one who had to swallow the frustration of the other family members, and the one who should have been sacrificed for the sake of hiding the truth, I know how it feels to be ripped off the own power, but I am also the one who knows how to regain it, how to leave it all behind, starting anew, reborn, regaining my own life and taking it into my own hands fully.

The journey out of my depression and out of my anxiety issues and anger issues was a long one, it took commitment and the willingness to walk the path, even though dealing with what came up was sometimes/most times more than unpleasant, but having had a near death experience at the age of 24, I knew, this is the only path that was/is worth it. And now I stand firm on my feet, regained my power, seeing the wider perspective and out of trauma into post traumatic growth, thriving, embracing life in all it`s colours... you can do that as well!


  • Rapid Transformational Therapy
  • Trauma Releasing Exercises
  • Institut für systemische Hypnosetherapy
  • Workshop with Brian Weiss, Workshop with Joe Dispenza
  • 180 hours medical background
  • Intro for Somatic Experiences (SE), Intro for Rolfing, Intro Sacred Sound Vicky Dodd, Intro Authentic Communication
  • Studying Anthropology