Being Present With Your Inner Awareness

December 30, 2023by Iris Fischer0

We tend to live our days focussing on what needs to be done, setting our priorities straight, finishing tasks we want and need to fulfill, while we seldomly take time to simply be present with our inner world and notice what is going on inside. We are even oftentimes so used to sweep aside what comes to the surface and give it near to nil attention, since it could disrupt our day, disrupt the way how we carry ourselves, disrupt the way how we want to be seen, when in fact our inner world is one main aspect of what makes us human. We would not be human without our feelings, our perceptions, the way we see and digest the world.

Our inner world is filled with our own stories and with everything which makes our self who we are. Likes, dislikes, passions, preferences and all which is colouring us, yet we so often do not know how to read our own inner language and sometimes it even scares us to sit with it, because of all the unpleasant emotions which could come up and which we could face, but it is actually those, which need the most attention, in order to bring your self back to harmony and balance. It is exactly the unpleasant which could be the guidepost to our healing, if only we knew how.

Within society we are so used to shut down our inner workings, because whatever moves us inside is not welcome on the outside, since it might hinder us from functioning. Believe me, if we could only cultivate a practice within society to meet the unwelcome, to face what we so often want to suppress, society would become more humane instead of less.

And this is what I learned over and over within my work: One key element to healing is to meet whatever is inside. Meet it without judgement. Meet it with openness and a willingness to listen, curious and compassionate. Because what we carry inside and so eagerly try to avoid or suppress, is not only the wound which needs proper care, but it also tells us our own inner stories, the truth we have felt and we needed to be seen and heard. Yet, because we so often had it to deny within the past, we tend to continue denying it within the present.

Within the space I will be creating in my sessions, this truth finally is welcomed and allowed to be seen, heard, felt and embraced. You are welcomed to be seen, heard, embraced for who you are, just like you are, without judgement, without demands, without any need to alter, since the way back to your self, will be by fully finding peace, love and acceptance within and I am here for you.

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