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Thank you from the bottom of my heart to have provided that session for me last night! Your approach with great care, compassion, love and pure healing intentions is wonderful and highly appreciated! You are a Soul healer and you have tremendous power and the right intuition to guide your client in the most appropriate direction. Your words are so healing, so soothing and so comforting! They close any wounds! The pressure from my chest is still absent, no longer there, I checked for it today, but will never do that again, because I truly think that it has gone with some of luggage I let go off last night that I unawarely carried for 38 years....Thank you for opening the space up for this healing to occur! I DO VALUE your work and implication and i wish I could send you a box of chocolate and a bucket of flowers today, you deserve more than that, but that would be just a small THANK YOU note from my pure heart!

Debra Garcia

It was such an honor to work with Iris. I received a session from Iris that was quite incredible. We worked on my chakras, specifically my root chakra. I saw with complete clarity events in my life that were holding me back from moving forward in certain situations. I now have the ability to achieve my fullest potential because it gave me a very clear understanding of myself, the way I saw myself, the reason I saw myself the way I did. To this day the vision that I saw while I was under hypnosis is so vivid,and is imprinted in my mind. It has allowed me to take my power back, and to believe in myself. I realize that the fear that I felt was only a belief that I had from past experiences, and I no longer feel that way. Thank you Iris for helping me to see what I needed to in order to move forward, you are truly gifted.