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I would love to share a story about a past life regression here, because it exemplifies exactly what is going on here at the moment...
It was a lifetime on the planet Hadar, which is the place of unconditional love and Hadarians were known for their healing, since unconditional love is the fountain of health and youth.
So the Hadarians were visited by other races from time to time and especially had friends in the Alpha Centaurans. But it was known that a twisted malevolent race wanted to harvest the fountain of youth and unconditional love for their own benefits only, without equal exchange. The rumor came onto the planet and we the Hadarians knew that there might be an attempt to steal the well of unconditional love.
So being a part of the council of the Hadarians, sparks of fear came in and I was worried how we might be protected and stay safe, since we were a peaceful race.
One day a ship approached and it appeared to be our befriended Alpha Centaurians who told us, they will protect us, for exchange of harvesting unconditional love.
I was the main one who suggested to the council to follow along, since this spark of fear was so strong, so I was blinded to what my heart would have told me otherwise. They came in deceiving us into believing that they are the ones to provide protection, even though they were the ones we were afraid of. Brilliant at deceiving us. Making us believe they were our saviours, since they were amazing shapeshifters. And as soon as they had their foot in, they created a tighter and tighter matrix, to enslave the Hadarians and while the enslavement went worse and worse, the fountain of youth slowly went dry and the whole planet was slowly becoming baren land, a mere wasteland until only a solid rock planet was left behind... so the mere deception from the twisted ones by creating fear was the downfall of this wonderful race.
And if you look at what is going on since centuries and especially now, the same old strategies are used, since they know it is working... our strength and our weakness is our heart - which they are aware of. Our hearts can freeze from a mere spark of fear, but our hearts can also be the solution, since the power within our hearts is undescribably beautiful and powerful... if our hearts are filled with pure love, this will fill the well, allowing it to float from heart to heart, to spark the flame in other people`s hearts and the dark ones will not be able to hold any power over us, if we allow our hearts to shine, since we as a race are much more powerful, if only we would be able to see....
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