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Yesterday I experienced a fabulous session - thank you so much Sonia - wanting to explore the miasmatic family misalignments.


I wanted to understand what the syphilitic miasma is about, how it is functioning and why it carries such a destructive tendency in itself.


So when I came into contact with this syphilitic energy, it very much felt like a huge dark cloud, coming way too close and being very threatening, almost as if a vampiric energy wanted to completely devour me.


And as I was guided to look closer, I could see that this cloud actually consisted of generation after generation, devouring their own children. This huge bunch of ancestors appeared like sacrificed children, who wanted to get from their own children what they did not get from their own parents. They were draining their own children, because they were drained by previous generations and had almost no life essence within themselves left. It appeared almost as if they wanted to turn around the natural flow of life, which would actually go from generation to the next. With all those vampiric creatures, who were bound by so many cords, they were hungry to finally get what they would deserve in their own mind, but because nature does not work this way, they were never able to fill their void and by that they sacrificed generation after generation.


It felt almost impossible to dissolve this misery all by myself without understanding the beginning, so I was guided back to the origin, where it all began, back to someone who was of noble descend and he had lost all his boundaries, felt grandiose and lived very promiscuous. No grounding, no connection to life of the common people and focussing on only getting more and more, as if it was an addiction. Thriving for power, thriving to take from others without asking. His energy was completely bloated and very overactive in his private regions. Him and the people around were also using rituals and sorcery with mercury, which played a role in bringing out those symptoms of syphilis.


His downfall came, when he could not get the lady he wanted. He tried everything, but this door was simply closed and he tried everything in a manipulative, selfish way even sorcery and with that lost his mind.


This way of abusing power and ignoring boundaries crippled him and he was put into a cage, so no one could be infected by him.


He was a miserable creature, being blind to life itself, having lost all connection to his own human nature, wanting to feel god like.


With this insight I clearly could disconnect from this twisted mindset. I felt the generational wounds within me being dissolved and saw myself having a very strong clear boundary, because I wanted to allow my children to experience it differently from now on, so my choice it to allow the flow of life from now on to follow along the right direction.


I loved how it was possible within this session to get an understanding of what went wrong since generations and to simply end it from within my self, by clearly seeing how messed up this whole pattern was, because seeing, acknowledging and cleaning a wound first, allows our selves to heal.


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