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Everyone knows the saying „shooting the messenger“. We so easily use it to bring awareness to the fact that the actual message has not been listened to and instead the one who brought it experienced a certain negative reaction; and this is what very often happened to truth-tellers in the past, but be aware, history constantly repeats itself as long as things are kept in the hidden. We all know stories from history books where unpleasant truths were simply sweapt away by removing the one who brought it up. Yet, those stories are equally familiar in our present times, not only in countries with suppressive dictatorships.


The truth-tellers from history and of our times are the ones that got and still get sacrificed in order to silence the unwanted message.


It is very familiar for us to see this in history, because we got taught to be critical towards certain historic figures and governmental systems, yet in the same breath we were brought up to embrace the system where we grew up as the most advanced version to be. But so often when we are growing up in a certain society, we are so familiar with it, that we are barely able to see the blind spots ourselves and we rarely are aware of the underlying tones of the stories we get told by authorities. Even though everyone is familiar with the image of corrupt politicians, but we love to see it elsewhere.


There is a certain trust towards our own governments, since the history books are usually describing history as a constant evolution, where we as humans are advancing more and more. Which allows us to actually stay ignorant towards former generations and believing in a certain superiority towards the past, since we love to bathe ourselves in the idea to be the good and great ones.


And the repetitive lullabys by our so called political leaders do their own to keep us within our bubble of ignorance.


So any disturbance that could scatch the clean smooth surface of our world view feels like questioning our own identity, because it is so deeply ingrained into us, that it feels as if it is an actual part of us as human beings.


When you grow up in a system that is called democracy and people get told that their voice matters, because they can vote in someone who will stand strong for their interests, this gives the impression of being heard and seen. We accept that our actual wishes never get realized, because we do trust that the interest of the majority will be incorporated, even though we usually do not even follow along the promises that were made and see whether this factually does happen.


We are so wonderfully lulled into believing because we are too busy in having our place in the hamster wheel, running diligently round for round. Our minds are filled up with enough worries and distraction, so that it really feels almost unbearable to pull the veil of the matrix back and look behind it, because this actually goes to our very substance of understanding ourselves. Our mere identity and the way we perceive the world starts to shake and we are scared that what we cling so tightly to starts to collapse.


And this mere feeling of our whole identity being questioned is too big, too much to carry, too unbearable, so the logical consequence for us is to shun the truth-tellers away, because the world was just fine, before they did arrive. The fear of the unfamiliarity crawls in, the fear of losing what felt safe because it was known, the fear of losing even oneself within the collapse of the system, because the whole identity starts to crumble.


But bear in mind, it was usually those who governed who told you what to believe, whatever their motives, be it via speeches or school books and even though they might have had good intentions, but they were following certain agendas, if consciously or on an unconscious level.


And now we do live in those weird times, where the enemy is an invisible one or we are made believe that it is so, by those who are presenting themselves as the righteous authorities and indoctrination is dripping into our own safe space, drop by drop.


The shunning of the truth-tellers is appearing more and more to be a matter of being courteous, or so we are told. Unpleasant opinions getting censored and being frowned upon, shut down by diffaming whoever brought the unpleasant way to look at the world up, ignoring, insulting and cancelling.


Maybe it would help us to see, that there were times, when the truth-tellers were the only ones who could bring in balance into a system, that was swinging into a direction in less favour of the common people. They once had a place in society, it might have been a long time ago and may have been in cultures we might consider as less developed, but in my eyes it would be time to listen to the unpleasant voices again, so we can use our own discernment and our own inner compas to look from a wider angle, acknowledging the complexity of life and tune into the intentions of those who sit in power positions.


And let me add, I love you truth-tellers out there, you are the ones, who are holding the power of change within.


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