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Alchemy a word filled with so much mystery, sparkling our excitement to explore beyond the physical realm.
Even though it appears to have no more place in our nowadays system, it was once known as a science. We were told it being the relentless search of molding lower metals into higher ones. Yet it was thanks to our now physical-mechanical science that it was pushed into the woowoo-drawer. Ridiculed and reduced to the described clichee, though it has much more to offer.
No one would nowadays doubt that everything is based on energy, we are energy, our furniture is energy and even our pets.
Sounds weird, but by having a microscopic view on us humans, magnifying more and more, we first become aware of all sorts of tissues and then an amazing diversity of cells. It doesn`t stop here, since cells are fascinating tiny organisms having all they need to function and survive, so they consists of parts that have different jobs to fulfill. Imagine zooming even closer in and you start seeing molecules and atoms and here is where the real magic begins.
Atoms being tiny sparks of positive and negative charge swinging around in circles constantly, with them consisting mainly of non-physicality, since more than 99,9% of them is simply empty space.
And this is actually where the Alchemy comes in, since it is far more than the image of a few crazy outdated scientists mixing substances together in lunatic hope to end up with a gold bar.
One aspect of Alchemy is the fascinating awareness of energies reacting to surrounding energies. We all know, how sensitive we can become if something feels odd and that we wish to remove ourselves from this place or person and how we can experience the complete opposite of being magnetically drawn to a certain place or person, wanting to connect so deeply. Those are just some simple examples of us reacting to outside influences, but Alchemy is the way to have an impact ourselves.
It is actually about our intentions, it is about us being aware of how we position ourselves. It is about on what we focus on and how we, since our whole being consisting of energy, we flow along where we set our energy towards. The saying "Energy goes where energy flows" allows already an insight to what it is about.
It goes even further: Alchemy is about molding energies and we can mold energies using good intentions and we can similarly mold energies by using negative energies, the choice is ours.
It does not stop here, since the way we get fed back the energies will be impacted by what kind of charge we sent out. We can create abundance by tuning into the universal flow of abundance and allowing it to flow through us, giving and receiving equally. Or we can choose to compromise the balance and put ourselves on either of those sides, which means being more on the giving or receiving side, which will always be in a state of disbalance. Alchemy goes even deeper.
There are powers that perfected their ability to harvest energies from others and accumulate riches easily and sometimes they are not in the position to willingly give back. We all know someone out there, who feels like being an energy vampire. Let me just tell you that the universal laws work like waves, the bigger the take, the more the return later on and we are not limited to this 3d stage for this lifetime merely.
Let me continue... and maybe others are so used to be harvested that this is their familiar state of being, which is equally not aligned to the fundamental basis of lifeforce.
Moving away from the disbalance there are also powers that are equally brilliant in creating abundance within their lives but also for others. So what is the key for finding oneself in this life-affirming position?
Those are the master Alchemists, who are able to tap into the universal energies of abundance and molding them into their dreams by giving and receiving in equal terms from a life-affirming stand point, because they know that being part of the universe means being part of abundance itself and therfor carry the deep wisdom within that there simply is no scarcity. Scarcity nowadays is actually a matter of huge disbalance. If we are in alignment with the field trusting all we need and wish will come to us by beathing in and out in harmony, by giving and receiving in equally powerful waves, from a heart based place, doors will open and you will fall in love with Alchemy.
I invite you to find the Alchemist within, because this is where the magic and mystery begins, right withing youself
  • winter_magic

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