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Many of you for sure know the saying, that pet companions look similar to their owners. It is so much fun to find this in pictures or when you see them strolling by. If it might be the same hair/fur colour or form, a similar expression or body shape. The reason why it is so much fun, is because sometimes it carries an unrecognized truth underneath. Our companion pets interestingly can mirror parts of ourselves and if you love to read about it, there is a brilliant book by a veterinarian who describes how pets often develop illnesses that can also be found in their owner (Whole-Pet-Healing by Dr. Dennis W. Thomas).


Having that in mind, I of course was searching for that in my own pet friends and the tiny monkey like kittie of mine had something we call in German as „silver gaze“, which is a nicer euphemism for squinting, something I dealt with myself since childhood. So there it was, me squinting, her squinting.


During childhood I had to wear those stickers over one of my eyes, in order to strengthen the other one and it felt weird for a child to do so, but you simply follow along, since it was said to help with it and it does to a certain extend, but whenever my eyes got tired, there was the squinting again.


I didn`t bother much about it, since it was really most of the times simply not an issue.

We at home made fun of her squinting, until my daughter pointed out that she is almost not squinting any longer.

I felt a bit surprised at first and then realized that I also could barely find it in her, only slightly. Which made me reflect upon my own squinting and the fun fact is that it actually did vanish even more, probably during the last months. Not sure whether it is completely gone, but there has been a wonderful improvement and the way how I explain this to myself is, that all the sessions I had lately were healing something within my energy field which led to the healing of this misalignment to a certain extend.


I couldn`t even recall whether it could be connected to one specific session alone, since it appears to have worked more like an accumulative effect. Though many of the past sessions had a theme of confusion and with the clarity coming in, it might have had an impact on the sight as well, since they seem to be metaphorically and literally connected.


Whatever it might have been, it is such a wonderful surprise as an outcome, I simply love it.

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