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Did you ever want to go back, revisiting a powerful lifetime?
Let me share a story with you, that I find quite funny...
So in one of the sessions, it was about going back to only positive, empowering lifetimes and don`t get me wrong, powerful does not mean being rich or having a lot of assets to the own soul.
To the soul it means, a lifetime where you feel aligned with who you are, where you stand in your inner power, your inner truth.
So going back into hypnosis and this lifetime came up, seeing myself meditating as a monk in a cave in the Himalayan region. A very simple lifetime, up in the mountains, with no possessions, no attachments whatsoever, besides the own clothing and a few tools to live.
Experiencing myself sitting on the ground, counting the beads of the prayer chain, humming, praying, rocking. Simply living in a state of bliss, being aware of the inner energy flowing through the body. By each rocking move, each word moving the chain one bead further. And starting all over again, hours and hours, day in and day out, for countless years. .
It was fun to observe the own chi flow within and to see the impact on the flora around. Yes, I know this sounds weird, but just remember the effect of prayer on polluted water, researched by Masaru Emoto. He so clearly showed how the very crystaline structure of the water was influenced by words and prayers, in good and bad ways.
So, yes, those secret words were building vibrancy around...
Intentionally as a monk, I chose to live far away from human turmoil, since I felt that this would mess up my own field too much. But from time to time I got visitors, who endured the hardship to climb up the mountain only wishing to receive a miracle or a healing. I did not want to share much, since I wanted them to find this inner power within themselves. Rarely was anyone interested in actually doing so, since most preferred their lives the way they were....
But one day it happened, that a very annoying, slightly shady man in his manner approached me and wanted to challenge me, manifesting gold. He was very manipulative, teasing and pushing me to prove that we can create this power within.
The consequence was me giving in and manifesting a tiny spark of gold, handing it over to him and then deciding to leave this body of mine behind.
That was it, life was over.

When I was telling this story to my daughter, we both were laughing so intensely about this weird choice, but in that lifetime it appeared the most logical consequence.
So if you would like to explore for yourself, what kind of exciting lifetimes you may have experienced beforehand... let me know, since this is a fun journey, where I happily guide you to
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