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Due to being women`s day... I am having a question:
Have you met her? 🌸✨
Have you met your own inner Priestess? 🌸✨
I do invite you to do so, because she is the most gorgeous precious part within, I promise you, you will fall in love with her 🌸✨
Days ago I was sitting with her and connecting and this is what she told me:
Who is she? 🌸✨
She is nothing and all
She is vast and tiny
She is the truth in you and the dream at the same time
She is the sound and the silence
She is the physical and the beyond
Dancing in her shadows 🌸✨
being bruised by the many wounds
yet growing stronger from each one of them
because she does not fear her own shadows
Wounded, vulnerable and yet whole
Scarred from lifetimes
which do awaken the terrors from being burned, tormented, broken
yet she knows, she has to move on
she has to continue
or else her soul would suffer
she has to unravel the treasure chest within
filled with precious wisdom
she has to live in alignment with her divine
or else she would wither
or else she would shrivel
she would break and vanish
with nothing left
because her soul has to follow her calling
you could burn her, imprison her, torment her
yet, she knows her salvation lies in the alignment with and the connection to the divine
There might be phases where she wishes to avoid, where she wishes to run away, where she might want to silence the calling for a while, because it might be a lonely path and she might long for company from time to time 🌸✨
but she will always return to the place, that she calls home, her inner self, the place where she knows she belongs to
She knows there is one road that she needs and longs to travel and this is the road that leads to her inner self and to her connection to all there is, to the divine 🌸✨
This is where home is 🌸✨
Being the all, the nothing and the self within 🌸✨
  • spring_flower

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