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What does she mean by that? might be your first thought.
Well, let me tell you some fascinating experiences from one of my latest sessions. ✨👟✨
A wonderful lady came to me and she wanted to work on her exercise regime, because she felt something was holding her back. She just couldn`t commit to it, even though she actually really did enjoy it. So she wanted to gind out what it was. ✨👟✨
We went back to find out what was holding her back and she realized that if she would run, she could run away, which she felt drawn to. The situation at home did not really feel nurturing and good, so on an emotional level she felt drawn to avoid it, but of course she couldn`t allow this to happen, since there were other commitments she didn`t want to give up. ✨👟✨
Her wish to follow her passion of running could bring her literally into the danger of following her inner impuls of wanting to run away, which her subconscious mind was very aware of. ✨👟✨
We then simply cut the connection between this kind of interpretation and replaced it with the visualisation of running towards her goals and as an expression of her self, which took away all the scary connotations. ✨👟✨
By that she allowed a door to be opened and re-invite her joy for running in. ✨👟✨
What I observed so many times was, that our subconscious mind is really so brilliant, yet, the usage of our words very often already holds an amazing key to the solution. ✨👟✨
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