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Did you ever ask yourself, what the meaning of the magic wand is?
To be honest, before a light bulp moment recently, I always had the image in my mind, that the magic wand is the magical device that carries the power to do the magic trick.... 
Boy, do I now realize how wrong I was.
Lately it dawned upon me: "Wait a moment, it is much less about the tiny stick, but much more about the transfer and the combining of the energy through it and by that intensifying its effect".... 
I know this is yet another unconventional post.... but this insight of mine came, after some interesting experiences following a past life regression. 
It was a lifetime in the middle ages, where I remembered being a Robin Hood like guy, who lived in the woods with some of his colleagues and from time to time, we visited the nearby village and whenever someone needed my help, I laid my hands on and felt the warmth in my palm, directing the healing energy towards this other person. Since this was considered heresy and we were also not following the rules created by authority, this lifetime ended in the torture chamber. 
Yet few days after revisiting it, I felt warmth returning to my palm chakra on the left hand, only slightly, but in a way, where my mind was wondering about the healing power of the hands and since my daughter is in Harry Potter vibe, I saw myself surrounded by sorcerers and wizardry. 
This was the exact moment when I realized that magic wands are actually intended to expand and bundle the energy derived from oneself.... and I have to say: I really love this. Since this gives me again and again the same conclusion, which is: You do hold the power within, it is just about finding a way to re-awaken it!
and just as an additional thought... have you ever asked yourself, why in ancient times people were crucified through their hands and feet? .... let me know your thoughts....
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