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Knowing who you are is considered to be easy for most of us, but somehow to me it was not, I felt like I was assigned to be someone from the outside, whom I didn`t feel inside, things that felt right, good, weren`t respected, valued, allowed and instead my outer identity mainly based on the descriptions from the outside world pressing down on me heavily. This sort of didn`t feel home, this didn`t feel whole, I didn`t feel home and whole. So almost for three decades from sliding more and more away from my inner core, my life felt like being in a pressure cooker and then I came to a halt, pushed the brakes and started to re-evaluate in tiny steps, realizing that whatever is burning within wants to be seen, so I started to slowly connect more and more with my inner truth, my inner story.


Outside circumstances made me choose to go onto my own inner journey of finding out, who I really am, who really lives and breathes beneath those external labels and I more and more realized, that shedding those layers helped me to reconnect to my inner world more and more and finding peace within, in alignment with my own story, because all those puzzle pieces surfaced and could be put together from a formerly fragmented self, allowing light in, healing to occur, but also realizing the power of the own stories, the power of the own history, the deeper meaning and learning.


Now my life is mine again, I feel like being me, without the need of pleasing or proofing, but one with my inner essence, the fabric of life.... and this is what therapy in its finest does, it brings you back to who you are, it doesn`t take away from you, it takes away what should never have been there from the beginning, as this is the journey to your inner home.


  • Rapid Transformational Therapy
  • Trauma Releasing Exercises
  • Institute systemic Hypnotherapy
  • Workshop with Brian Weiss, Workshop with Joe Dispenza
  • 180 hours medical background
  • Intro Somatic Experiences (SE), Intro Rolfing, Intro Sacred Sound Vicky Dodd, Intro Authentic Communication
  • Studying Anthropology