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WHAT IS SFT (Soul Freedom Therapy)?

It is a set of wonderful tools, that help you to remove all that does not belong to you. In a more practical note, it is a technique that brings you into a relaxed state, the alpha-state or sometimes even the delta-state, in which it is possible to uncover why a certain issue is holding you back.

By looking at the issue, understanding it and also acknowledging the emotions that were never allowed to be there, they can easily go. This empowers you to set what happened in the past into perspective to your present day life. To realise things have changed with our now more experienced minds, is one of the most powerful tools. But it doesn`t end here, as SFT is all about empowering you, the client, you do receive an amazing recording included in this package, which will be listened to for 21 days.

You will be amazed by how easily long troubling issues can be removed, to set you free once and for all.

Why choose SFT?
In the sessions you can address any issue directly. Addressing what needs to be addressed, going to the core. There are a heaps of good methods out there, all help in a certain way or another, but none I experienced got so quickly right to the point, plus expands on a soul level. What was crucial to me was, that my actual history was soothed, put into perspective and the wounds were attended to and could be released.Going back directly to the causing issue, to the causing experiences felt like cleansing the wounds and trusting in the own ability to recover and regain your own power. You will realize it feels so true to your self and to acknowledging the own past. Finally the unresolved feelings will be acknowledged, so they can simply leave and the puzzle pieces that were missing can be put together piece by piece so they finally created the bigger picture. And you will be amazed at your own incredible internal power to heal
How many sessions do I need?
It really depends on the depth and complexity of the issue, it is not advisable to tell you clearly how many sessions it takes, since it is more a thing of how much is possible to let go at once and our bodies, our systems do have a limit.
I worked with issues, that were completely dissolved after one session, but others really took quite some sessions... and you will see, this is ok, as every session itself is going deep and helping a lot, you will see and feel this yourself... trust in the process, trust in your innert ability to heal and the rest depends on the journey
What is this method good for?
Actually in my opinion, it is possible to address almost any issue. Some issues might take longer, others are dissolved faster. In the end, the answer can only come from your inner world and it is layer work, which means, you can release a certain amount of emotional and mental, even energetic load in one session... To me personally, I do trust healing always happens from within and the own body wants to heal.... we need to remove what stands between and it might be a long journey, but why not keep on going, it is absolutely worth it. Since we are like sponges especially for our very first seven years, we have what happened to us as a fundamental basis and are mainly following our programming. Actually about 95% of our thoughts and our behaviour as an adult is repetitive, we walk the path of familiarity, because what is familiar feels good, it does not equal forcibly with what does us good, very often exactly this programming hold us back, stops us from proceeding. As our subconscious mind is far more powerful than our conscious mind... just keep in mind that our subconscious mind stores everything that we have experienced, heard, said and did since even before we were born. In contrary our conscious mind only brings up what is useful to us based on our experiences in that moment. So for example we do have about 70.000 thoughts per day and most of them we are not even aware of... and how many of those do you still remember before you go to bed or on the next day? And since our thoughts bring up emotions and send out hormones, which then activate or downregulate genes and so on, we need to be aware that our thoughts keep us where we are even on a physical level or if we are willing to expand our thought, willing to change the programming, we create our lives the way we choose.
How does being hypnotized feel like?

It is an everyday state. During every day, we switch between different brain wave states. Even by watching a movie or reading a book we enter into Alpha or even Delta state. This is connected to our inner focus and us being relaxed and those are the same states you will experience during hypnosis. There is no magic, nothing mystical, it is just as simple as that: a different state in which you can easier access stored memories and in which you can easier get rid of outdated beliefs or hindering habits.

Do I Loose Control?

You are always in control. While you are in hypnosis, you are in a state that is similar to daydreaming with closed eyes and as soon as you focus your thoughts on something else or open your eyes, you can end the daydream. Hypnosis is only another word for somebody is guiding you through certain memories or images and it is always up to you whether you want to follow or not, you are always in charge. And you can never be made to do something you don`t want to do, but you can be guided to create the life you want and free yourself.

Can it happen that I can`t be hypnotized?

We often have a completely different image of what hypnosis actually is, since movies and media give us an idea of how it supposed to be, but let me tell you, hypnosis is a very beautiful state o relaxation and inner awareness, you will still hear all he noises around you.The question is actually more, would you say that it is easy for you to relax, can you sleep during the night, can you daydream or watch a movie and follow the story? Since you now know that by talking about hypnosis, it actually means being in a relaxed inwards focussed state, my experience is that you don`t need to worry about it at all. You will be brilliant

What is the recording for?

The recording is a very crucial aspect to freeing you from the issue longterm. Consider it like that: When you do have a session, you grasped the issue by it`s cause, but to get your brain engrain the new beliefs it takes about at least 21 days to build a new neuron data highway and it would be best to listen for 30 days or longer to deepen the effect.