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The list below is a list of what is possible to resolve via Soul Transformational Therapy and my niche is focussing on spiritual growth, past life regressions. life-in-between-lives and sessions on empowering.

Our mind has the incredible ability to heal us and to harm us - everybody has heard of the placebo effect and it is nothing else but our incredible inner power to heal ourselves, but we sometimes also carry the opposite effect inside ourselves, to harm ourselves, which is called the nocebo effect... when we stand in our own way, often we are not even aware of it, even more often it is a way how our subconscious mind deals with an otherwise hard-to-bear situation, but this means we are the solution as well -, so we carry the tools to dissolve the issues we carry around inside ourselves and hypnosis is an effective and safe method to go directly to the underlying cause to transform your life.

I can help you resolve your issue using hypnosis
...and if your issue is not written on the list, feel free to contact me and ask anytime...

Addictive behaviour

Addictions Drinking Smoking Drugs Gambling Technology Addiction

Inner state related

Depression Anxiety Stress Fears Phobias Panic Attacks Guilt Relaxation

Health and food related

Eating Problems Cravings Overeating Food/Diet Weight Problems Anorexia Bulimia Exercise Exercise Avoidance

Performance related

Career Issues Interview Skills Nerves Public Speaking Concentration Exams Memory Confidence Self Esteem Motivation Achieving Goals Procrastination Driving Skills Athletic Improvement

Partnership related

Overcoming narcissistic abuse Creating loving Relationships

Physical issues

Tinnitus Migraine Backpain Hearing Sight/Vision Mobility Skin Problems Hair Growth Natural Breast Enhancement

Limiting and compulsive behaviour

Better Nights Sleep Sleep Problems Nail Biting Bed Wetting Blushing Gagging Grinding Teeth Hair Twisting Thumb Sucking

Relationship issues

Relationships Communication Childhood problems Death or Loss Guilt Mistrust Patience Responsibility Worry

Life is beautiful and you hold the key!