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Sometimes just willingness and time is the master

Feeling stuck in a situation that is painful, can appear to last eternally. We often fall prey to the feeling that a painful situation is just unbearable and will never ever end. Such emotions even seem to be able to stretch our feeling of time, as when we are right in the middle of the mess, it almost seems impossible to get out of it, because those feelings can be so draining and just too familiar. Of course it is a path, a path of willingness to get out of it and this sometimes takes more energy than we believe to have, but believe me, it only takes a spark of willingness to change the perspective and look over the rim of the cup. Step by step, putting away layer by layer, having the courage to face what is inside and you will learn that this is one of the most or even sometimes the only rewarding path in life there is, the path to yourself, the path to your inner truth.

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