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there is a sadness that doesn`t want to be seen.

It`s like this sadness hides away because no one can understand it... and this sadness believes if it makes others believe it`s gone, it will be fine, everything will be fine, but it`s not, it is not.

Because the sadness is still there, only diminished, only covered, only silenced and by that taken away it`s voice. And with no voice forced into hiding, it is like a wound not cared for, a wound that can not heal. It`s as if we want to say „I am fine“ while the wound is hurting, pounding and we subconsciously know it is getting worse, as we constantly have to numb the pain.

And since we are so used to numbing the pain of our wounds we end up numb, and we start to carry a mask, because our own inner self starts to scare us, so it is not allowed to be seen.

So it starts with the sadness not lived, it starts with the pain not being allowed to be expressed, it starts with the anger about the pain being supressed and then we are a right functional individual, an individual well adjusted, well behaved, clever in the way to function, to function in a society that does not want to see tears... doesn`t it feel de-pressed that way?

It is depressed, it is all those emotions kept inside, because not in our schools, not in our families, not in our peers have we learned to just be sad, just be vulnerable ... so next time you see somebody crying, embrace it, embrace the courage they have to show their vulnerability and remember this is our way to a healthy world, since when we are connected to our emotions and find a safe way to express them, we are connected to ourselves and by being connected to ourselves, we feel connected to others and to the world

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