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When I left my parents home, my choice was to leave behind. I didn`t care about the past then, I just wanted to forget. But by forgetting, so much of myself had to be locked away and so much of myself could not be understood, it did not make sense. I did not want to be limited by my own story, but what I didn`t see then was, that when I do embrace my story it gives me freedom, when I bring the darkness to the light, I spread my wings so I can fly.

The past was just some bothersome story, that gave me the feeling of being bound to something I didn`t like, but what I found out with time was, that it was not my story that bound me, but my denial of it and more so suppressing the feelings connected to it. And by recovering the stories including the unfelt emotions my stories suddenly became just that, stories, nothing more nothing less, my history, my past. And it was no longer my hidden programming, but my story of overcoming, my story of shedding away layers and finding out my true core underneath those. The true self I was born with, without all the labels the outside made me believe to own, without all the boxes I was put in or put myself in, without the boundaries that kept me small and limited, but finally just me, a being with all colours, all emotions, all facets and now very clear which ones to choose to say yes to life.

So free yourself from the limiting boundaries to embrace who you are including your stories that formed you, but by releasing them, overcoming them you made a strength out of those.

  • rosebud_in_winter

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