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First Insight I want to share today is the question:
Can you get addicted to RTT?
So I told a wonderful friend of mine about my project, about my long long list of issues I want to work on. And her question was "Are you sure, you are not addicted to therapy?" I was baffled by the question for a moment, because my focus at the moment was so much different and I felt a complete "No" within myself.
But the question itself is absolutely valid and it is absolutely relevant to take a look at it, because we all heard that this can happen, people can get addicted to going to therapy.
But why was I so sure, that I wasn`t?
Well, the answer is actually simple and complex at the same time. I would say it lays in the way the method works itself. RTT addresses unresolved emotions and beliefs, it is as if you have a box that is filled with loads of stuff, unresolved stuff, stuff that needs attention but didn`t get it at the time.
I love to have the image of the Pandorra`s box, because it gives a good idea of what we have put away, involuntarily - but because we had no other choice very often - and it`s always the unpleasant stuff.
So imagine opening the Pandorra`s box, just a tiny bit and out comes this nightmarish dark pain. You hold it in the hands for a moment, at first it appears to be super scary, causes you to cry, feel helpless, powerless and all kind of ways and then you start to turn it around, look at it from all angles and see it for what it actually is, feel pity for it and by realizing that you can feel the compassion towards yourself and it looses the darkness often becomes colourful and shrinks.
This is in my eyes the process of RTT.
So every time you have a session you open the box, hold what emerged for a moment and then it can leave for good. After a while, the box begins to carry less and less and even if it was a huge box, even if it carried so much within, one day it will be empty.
And the closer you get to this point, the more you connect to your inner peace. The more you feel like coming home and then one day you just ask yourself, do I really need to go any further, or am I just ok the way I am, am I already where I was longing to be?
And then you realize with all your flaws you still hold - because you are human - it is all of a sudden fine, you are fine, you are ok and there is a place greater within you, that makes you feel connected, that says "Yes" to you, you open your heart towards yourself and appreciate yourself for the imperfect being that we all are, which makes us perfect in itself, because you suddenly realize that this is what beauty is and nothing less.
Nothing you were ever taught can crumble your fundament any longer, because there is this strong inner connection to acknowledging your own truth, your own being and just being.
So my answer to the question is just that: doing the inner work means shedding layers and there comes a time when only your inner brightness is left, the raw crystal in it`s pure form.
And this also makes me want to say: Trust, deeply deeply trust, that whenever you feel you have not yet reached the place where you want to be, it is ok to go further, it is ok to move forwards, you will reach the end of the tunnel, just keep on moving.
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