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Have you ever asked yourself what being feminine actually means? Have you ever become aware of this feminine energy within yourself?

I – to be honest - actually haven`t ever, because I never really understood what it is.
My sense of being feminine always focussed on high heels, lipstick, make up, skirts and dresses, an expected behaviour, an expected range of emotions, a clear set of expressions, looking cute, which I mainly experienced as limiting and in huge parts did not feel drawn to. And it dawned upon me in an amazing eye-opening session that this was only what my upbringing made me believe being feminine meant. I was starstruck when I actually became aware of how it feels like.

I never really grasped that it is a form of energy, even though I have heard it a million and one times. To imagine to really become aware of what its essence is, how it feels like, this was out of my reach, because I was so blinded by the mere shell that was presented to me from the outside world.

When I experienced the session and connected to my own inner flow of feminine energy, I felt so humbled, yet so surprised. Surprised in many ways, because my image of how a woman has to be like was so tight and restrictive, that I almost anticipated that I couldn`t fit into this category at all and therefor was even stripped away from having this beautiful energy as a part of me. Boy, was I so wrong. In this one session, my whole body felt like a deep lake filled with soft gentle nourishing streams of water, yet so bright and light.

To me being a woman was mainly consisting of duties and fulfilling expectations. But here I was, just in my state of being, becoming aware of this pure loving, life-creating force and I realized deeply that it was about me to find out what being feminine really means to me. To me personally.

From then on, I understood within myself, that no one will ever be able to take that away from me, no one will ever be able to even slightly impose anything from the outside upon me, only so I fit into their image of what others might believe a woman has to be like. I felt free like a bird, released from those shackles that held me down and to me this felt like the real emancipation. Emancipation in its actual meaning as the liberation from control, restraints, power of others upon oneself.

I fell in love with this energy and knew once again that our path to freedom is paved by weeping our tears, embracing our hurts, healing on the inside and standing with our sisters and brothers to hold them so they can heal theirs.

  • gladiola

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