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During my explorative journey of healing, I wanted to find out, what actually could be possible in regards to the degree of healing? To which degree can we heal on a physical level? What is possible to be healed?
I had the idea that if you remove all emotional, mental and physical limitations, our body could get the chance to completely heal on all levels. This just being the theory, because life is complex and all factors need to be taken into account.
But how did I come up with this idea? Well in regards to our physcial world, still everything – and I mean really everything - is based on molecules and elements. And if you look at each and every element, they are a combination of a set of electrons, protons and neutrons and in between there is a huge amount of emptiness? Nothingness? Or maybe it is dark matter, a field? Whatever it is, on a physcial plane matter consists of about 99% empty space.
And if we add in the words by Nicola Tesla „If you want to understand the universe, you have to think in terms of energy and frequency“, then looking at our own bodies means that we can understand our existence in the same terms.
So if I see my own body as an expression of a certain energy or frequency, the logical consequence would be that we only need to shift the frequency or energy to such an extend that everything can go back into homeostasis, where healing happens.
And because we are very much influenced by our own history and our own experiences and more so limited by those experiences that could not be processed, we can see our body as an expression of whatever came into our field and could or could not be dealt with (be it emotions, thoughts, belief systems, toxins, physical trauma). So experiences that did not do us good create a disharmony and those experiences that felt supportive and nourishing did enhance the harmony. We are a mixture of all sorts of frequencies in regards to different aspects of our being.
If we see emotions as energy and thoughts as energy, our bodies are the densest part of our energy system. So whatever got stuck in our emotions and whatever got stuck in our mindset has an impact on our body. And yes, let me add that in, toxins, accidents, birth defects, whatever, yes, big one.
In my thoughts, if we take all aspects of our being, the mental, emotional and physical ones, into consideration, this is what forms us, this is what shapes us. We are of course not limited by it, because we have the freedom of choice to change it, but it helps big time to understand why we are standing at exactly the place we find ourselves at. And the big question is to which degree can we change and shift and experience healing within ourselves?
Our souls are far greater, far beyond the scope of our 3d-reality, but alone by our upbringing we see the world through lenses of familiarity. So we practically find ourselves in a certain box, which defines mainly our definition of what is „normal“ to us and if we follow along with it, we accept the programming that comes with it and understand the world less than a place where we untie knots and open shackles, less as having an active role in forming our surrounding, but more as something that is happening to us, done upon us. And we are the more limited the more we leave all of our patterns and stories within the unconscious.
So my very curious mind really wanted to get out of the familiar and dissolve all the disharmonic parts in my own symphony of life. Not trying to cover it or rewrite it, but more so to process whatever I could get a hold of, process whatever I could grasp as being disharmonic.
The weirdo question I asked myself was: Can we even heal on a structural level? Which means experiencing healing within the densest parts of our bodies... so our bones, our teeth and I formed some really crazy theories around this. I am not at the end of the whole journey yet, so still quite some chapters lie ahead, so I am not able to discuss any conclusions openly in regards to that with deep conviction yet. Let us simply say, I have no answer for that one yet.
But what I feel I have answers to is, that what really plays into all our physical issues are our binding layers, so we need to shed those binding layers, that caused the disharmony withing our bodies and ideally all of them, but we also need to support our body on a emotional, mental and physical level additionally.
Like for example me being fascinated by Breast Growth, because this being a dear issue to myself. I realized that it is really fabulous and essential to shed all the old outdated beliefs and emotions first, because otherwise if one starts to visualize and puts effort into supporting the body to re-start the growth process, those layers will simply counteract from the subconscious level.
But if those layers are gone and there is no more reason to hold back any kind of development, the mind and the emotions need to create a new familiar. So the very next step is to invite the body by colourful visualisations to create a new blueprint, to create a new image that one has of oneself.
I mean breast growth is a sensitive issue, because if a woman lives in an environment where she feels unsafe in her femininity, then the body will not be tricked into any uncomfortable arena, but if all doors are open and we take into consideration that changes on a physcial level need their time, it is just a matter of making the process itself exciting, inviting and sticking to it regularly.
Probably all shifts on a physical level are sensitive, since everything that manifests itself on a physical level, is almost the last resort of our being to express something.
The fun thing with those experiments is, that by us dissolving the disharmonies and getting more and more back into harmony, the environment either slowly shifts as well or we so much outgrow the old environment, that we just leave for good and settle in some place that from then on resonates much more with our inner core.
So I for myself will move on, wanting to find the utmost limits of how high we can rise, as one of the most exciting journeys is the one into our inner depths... will keep you updated on that.
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