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The issue of wanting to have bigger breasts has been a good companion since quite some years already, which made me turn around almost every stone I could find, to get me closer to my goal.

At the beginning I wanted to solve the puzzle whether our bodies do even have the capacity to change and I realized that there were very fascinating stories about women who either experienced continuous breast growth or who shared their experiences on how their breast size changed during various stages of their lives. So it became very clear to me that our bodies are not a fixated physical object, unaffected by their environments.

So I approached the next big claim that we are defined by our genes and this made me analyze my own personal mindset in regards to where I positioned myself considering my own genetic coding.

And by genetic coding it meant to me the matrix of my physcial appearance and by that I thought it meant the way I looked.

I didn`t even consider my genetic coding to hold any potential looking differently than how my body turned out as an adult woman, but when I wrapped my head around it, I felt that probably my decision to stop the growth was much more powerful than I allowed it to be and probably much more powerful than my own genetic coding.

So what played into it were my feelings connected to my bodily self-image.

Having removed the blockages of my mindset and the emotional trauma via sessions, helped big time, but it still left me without any physcial changes and so I decided to connect to my own breast tissue and find out what was yet left unresolved.

Whenever I was touching my own breasts, I felt this huge lack, as if some part of my body was missing. And whenever you stumble upon a feeling of lack, this draws in exactly what it is itself: lack. It was very clear to me that this feeling of lack was the lock that made any changes impossible. Because if you feel the lack, than this is what it will manifest.

It was kind of weird, since I thought I had dealt with all those underlying issues already and then I realized „Hey, wait a minute, this is my mindset,“ this really was about the story that I have told myself so many times: that this is due to the genetic coding, which I believed I got from my own mother.

But was this story really true? And so I allowed myself to leave the familiar behind and started to question my own narrative, which I told myself for god knows what reason and for god knows how long. So I opened up to the idea „But what if my own genetic coding actually is more dominant from my father`s side?“

This might sound like an irrelevant approach, but by switching away from the limitation which I set myself, I allowed myself to open up towards new possibilities.

On my father`s side, the women were those stereotypical looking farmer women with huge big breasts, which were so big that I probably removed myself from wanting this as an option, because I was worried about the impact the weight might have on the back. So the options I saw on a genetic scale were either very small sized breasts or really massive ones and because I now have had the former for some ages, I felt like: Why not giving it a try and moving away from the old mindset, allowing myself to choose my options differently?

So what I did was simply choosing a different mindset, giving myself the foundation by adding the gene theory to it. I mean, in my eyes, you would not even need to focus on that, but it helped me de-activate the wrong conclusion I drew beforehand, which was the one that I must come after my mother`s genes, only because I also probably wanted to be closer to my mother and distance myself from my father.

Now I flipped it around and started to embrace the genetic coding from my father`s side fully, mainly because of me being able to sympathize with the female ancestors and women there and by that identifying myself with them even more. The moment I made this decision felt like a celebration. I felt so excited within myself, saying to myself „Yes, I take it, I absolutely 100% go with it now, this is my genetic coding, this is me“ and from then on, I repeat within my mind so many times during the day, that my genetic coding is to have beautiful round, full breasts and by that the sensation itself already shifted. Where there was once this feeling of lack, I now feel the richness and abundance. Where there was once this emptiness and coldness, I feel warmth and completion. It is as if I became whole, only because I left an inner limitation behind and by that I feel like my blueprint already shifted into a wonderful proportionate harmony. I have to admit, I love it. Seriously this just excites me and proofs to me once again that we sometimes wear the shackles we put on ourselves for far too long, believing they are the truth, when indeed they are merely one choice.


  • autumn_rose

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