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Since I can remember, I am having a mole on my third eye, it changed during times, but it never went away. When I was small, it was simply a darker spot, when I became older, it became more of a typical middle aged women mole, being there and allowing me to fantasize about it`s meaning.
First I connected it with the red dots, that Indian Hindu women carry who are married and then I stumbled upon a description within Chinese medicine, explaining what those moles mean when they appear at different spots on the face.
At the moment, when I looked it up, having a mole on the third eye, was said to mean that my third eye was shut down, probably as a punishment due to a karmic event. (Interestingly I do not find the same interpretation any longer, but) I was very much wrapping my mind around those thoughts for a long long time and wondered, what I might have done wrong in a past life, to deserve this. I will come back to talk more about this later on.
And then I had this fantastic session by a dear fellow colleague, wanting to explore where this endless well of sadness in my life comes from and I asked her to direkt me into past lives, since I had dealt with sad issues coming from this life for more than enough.
So she skillfully guided me back to the very first scene, where the whole village I lived in was overrun by probably Mongolian warriors, they were ruthless and killed men, women, children and left nothing but destruction behind. I was the last to die and when I died I realized, that something went wrong, something did not go by plan: quite some of my beloved ones did not find their way back to the life-in-between-life-state, they were earth-bound.
So I tried to get their attention and call them into the light, but they were so devastated by the shock, that nothing worked. My own soul was pulled upwards into the light and I threw a tantrum towards my guide, crying, screaming, being completely desperate and he was speechless and apologized, because it did not go like planned and we could do nothing.
My dear colleague then guided me to the time, when those beloved souls could return to the life-in-between-life-state and I found myself far in the future, living a life in higher dimensions, being able to mold and cleanse energies. I learned that if we cleanse the area where the trauma happened, dissolve the stuck trauma in soil and the aura of the earth, then those souls will be slightly startled and get the chance to realized that others are reaching out for them.
So this was the key aspect that was connected to the unconsolable sadness, I carried within me, but I felt that this was not the end of the line, we needed to explore further.
She then guided me back to the initial wound, where I found myself in a young man`s body, or probably more teenage boy`s body. I experienced that someone must have cut my arms open, because I felt blood running down my wrists and hands and I was merely standing there, not opposing or complaining, but simply awaiting my destiny.
When the image became clearer, I saw the Pharao infront of me, who had ordered my execution, not because I had done anything wrong, but because he feared my abilities. He had me as a seer, but because I was completely unattached to anything and fully in tune with the universal grid, my ability to get any information I wanted, appeared without any limitation. I was able to remote view, to look into the past and into the future and saw everything in such an astonishing clarity, as if I was there myself. At first the Pharao found this to be very useful, but after a while, it must have freaked him out and he simply decided, that I could maybe one day turn against him, because his deeds were very selfish and he was not coming from a heart-felt position.
So he wanted to get rid of me, by not only cutting my arms, but he also wanted to make sure that my ability was impaired, if I were reborn, by using a sharp metal spike and crushing it through my third eye.
While reviewing the scene, my third eye was buzzing constantly and so sensitive, but I did not focus on it, since the sensation of sadness was overlaying my physcial symptoms. I felt so sad, because I was not seen for who I was. I felt so sad, for others viewing me through their judgemental glasses. I felt so sad, for being of pure heart, but being seen as a threat.
After I had collected all the relevant information, I could focus on what was going on within my third eye and all of a sudden my mole made sense to me.
It was not a deserved punishment that shut down my powerful ability as a seer, but a reminder of a punishment that left this sadness within me. Since this session, nothing has changed with my mole, it is still the same, but from time to time, I feel it buzzing and reminding me to call in light for healing and soothing....
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