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I have always been fascinated by past lives and life between lives and I am so thrilled to have found Iris! I reached out to Iris because I needed clarity about my love life and the patterns I found myself stuck with and I am so grateful I took the plunge. I’ve already had two sessions and the insights are simply mind blowing! Iris is such a skilled, intuitive and gentle therapist that immediately you feel at ease and just let yourself go into an amazing journey. Her pertinent questions, her wise approach and the cadence in her voice create a safe space for you to dive deep into the subconscious and superconscious mind and explore, learn and expand. This is healing far and beyond the present moment. It’s quantum healing!

Sonia Oikonomou

I have never had any past life experiences but had always been curious about them. I was truly surprised about the images I could recall. It all made sense and I could tell why and how those images related to my current problem. It was a fantastic and enlightening experience! Iris made me feel at ease immediately and guided me through the whole process in a very gentle and loving way. Thank you Iris!!!

Rosa Martha Celorio Aceves

Life is beautiful and you hold the key!