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Physical issues can be heart-wrenching, but if you know about the power of the mind, the no-cebo and the placebo effect, you trust that you hold the power to change your life and understand that the answer as so often does lie within.

What if your physician told you, he had a method to transform the physical issue in maybe ten sessions, that it might take time, but if you keep proceeding forwards it will eventually dissolve, it might improve gradually from session to session and you might have to be willing to invest time... would you be willing to give it a try?

Hypnosis is in no way comparable to the work of a physician, so if you do suffer from any given condition, always consult your GP first and check back with him/her again and again, but what this form of Hypnosis does is to explore in a deeper state the root and cause of a certain condition and this is where it`s strength lies, as very often our bodies express what lies underneath in physical terms.

This is why you can read about so many success stories, using Soul Transformational Therapy, because what developed inside also has very often the solution inside

What people say

Transformed from back pain

I would like to thank you for an amazing session the other day. You were calm, patient and amazingly professional. You didn't give up on me when I couldn't see the scenes, You worked with me until they came, not once did I feel rushed, your voice was calm and confident and you made me feel completely at ease. For over 20 years I have struggled with unexplained lower back pain. Whilst it didn't stop me going about my day to day life it was a pain that was there constantly that I had just learned to live with. I knew that there was no medical reason for it. After discovering RTT last year I realised that I could use the power of my mind to unlock why this pain was with me, however I was struggling to do this myself. You worked through this with me and in one session I identified the exact location of the pain and was able to see and feel it leave. The morning after our session I woke up and on autopilot went to stretch out my lower back as I had done for years to relieve the tightness however it simply wasn't there anymore. Instead of the tightness I felt space and openness. I went about my day and fully expected the stiffness to return during the course of the day but it didn't, the next day was the same. In place of the tightness is now openness. I don't know how else to describe it. I can't believe I waited to long to address this issue. In just one session I am free of the pain!

Transformed from Tinnitus

Cheryl Fra

I have found Iris to be amazing with helping me with Tinnitus. I have suffered for many years but in 2017 it became very loud and more so when stressed. Nothing I tried helped or even lowered the tone. After just one session with Iris my right ear felt different and the tone quieter. I listen to the recording and began to notice that upon waking in the morning it was not a loud. Next I had a second session with Iris and this was where the changes started to occur. Not only in understanding when and where and why I had Tinnitus but in the tone becoming lowered to the point that hours went by when I was unaware of it. I am still listening to the recordings and feel that this is a ongoing process, but I have no doubt that very soon my Tinnitus will have either gone, or at the very least no audible. I can't thank Iris enough or recommend her highly enough as a amazing RTT Therapist and will be forever grateful.

Transformed from Migraine

Iris is an amazing therapist. She is incredibly empathetic, intuitive and creative and puts all her heart and energy into the sessions. I felt in really good hands as she dealt with everything that came up phenomenally and guided me through it in a most professional and kind way. She was at all times tuned into my needs and helped me get a liberating and freeing transformation. I'm tributing the fact that I haven't had any migraines since to our session even though we didn't work on those primarily. Thank you so much Iris, that was a wonderful experience!

Life is beautiful and you hold the key!