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The sessions are in hypnosis. It is a regressive form of hypnosis, past life regression, life-between-lives explorations to move to the root cause of the issue. This approach is very effective and transformative, since it is very focussed and directive. The tools within the session depend on what is needed at the exact moment.

The topics which can be addressed are almost infinite. If you are struggling with certain emotional or mental blockages, wonder about ever reoccuring dreams, your karmic relationships. Everything that is puzzling you on a personal level can be explored within a session.

The way to free yourself is very powerful and yet simple. Sessions are about freeing oneself from one's own blocks, this happens within the inner self. A client of mine used the word 'introspection' to describe the process of the session and this is what actually happens. It seems too simple to change one's life, but this is exactly what is possible because we always carry the answers to the solution within us. I am here to offer the space for this, to guide you through the process intuitively and to allow what shows up to be here in the now, without any judgement. This alone opens up new paths and one's inner self moves back towards harmony and balance.

The power of our Subconcious Mind

Our subconscious mind stores everything we have ever experienced or perceived, which already begins within the womb and even beforehand. This magnificent ability to keep everything within our soul memory, accompanies us throughout our lives. Whatever we have experienced beforehand, the beliefs we have formed, the patterns we grew up with, the behaviours we experienced and also all the words we heard have an effect on us and potentially influence and shape us. Sometimes we learn really excellent strategies to deal with challenges, but other times we experience strong limitations that affect us and we form beliefs that hinder us, limit us or even make us sick. Just as all influences - filtered through our interpretation - are stored, our body also has its own memory. We experience, for example, that something upsets us where others can remain completely calm about it, or we experience certain emotions that we do not observe in others. Often these are unprocessed experiences where feelings were not allowed to be felt, perceptions had to be suppressed and therefore they still remain in our system. Within sessions, which take place in the state of hypnosis - i.e. in the alpha or theta brainwave range - exactly these unprocessed feelings or limiting conclusions will be addressed, reviewed and dissolved, which frees one not only from the old feelings, but also from old belief patterns and thus allows a beautiful inner transformation to take place, moving back into an inner balance, a homeostasis, where we finally can feel at home again, at peace.

Life is beautiful and you hold the key!