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When I woke up this morning, I was asking myself what we could add into our lush paradise garden, which is filled with fruit trees and berry bushes. Knowing we were going to the garden centre today. I am all for variety and so I wanted to add something specific, something not so easily available: a strawberry tree. Actually I did not come across one since a long time, yet always having it in theback of my mind, that it would be fun to cultivate one of these.
So this wish crossed my mind, I left it aside after a while, without any attachement. And when we arrived at the garden centre I curiously strolled through the store and all of a sudden I stood right infront of it and not only one, but more than half a dozen, so I could even choose the strongest one.
Proudly I carried our new garden companion around and even adding some organic onion seed bulbs, which were not found in any of the other stores I had scoured for beforehand.
I was laughing inside myself for me being so lucky and while we drove back home, turned into a side street close to our home, my eyes fell on a small house, which had a store in its 1st floor beforehand and stood empty since months. And when I read the first letters of the shop that was announced to open soon, it said "vegan".
In this moment I burst out laughing in disbelieve how funny the universe responds to our ideas and wishes, since I wondered whether it would be possible for a small town like the one we live in to open up a vegan friendly place... and now it is one minute foot walk distance from our house
So just in case you wonder, how you can bring these kind of situations into your life.....
1. Be detached from your wishes, grateful but detached, feel them for a moment, enjoy the vision and allow them to be sent into the universe
2. Allow yourself to live a life in awe and wonder, the more you fall in love with yourself, the world, the universe, every tiny beetle and flower you cross, the stronger your heart magnet becomes
3. Imagine to connect to your highest potential daily, visualize connecting to the divine from your crown chakra upwards... we all are connected to the divine, but we can strengthen it and train it
4. Be! Simply be and honour every breath of yours, every second of your life, your life is a most precious wonderful gift, you are a most precious wonderful gift
Sending you lots of love and embrace the powerful creator that you are within
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