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Yesterday I had one of those fantastic sessions, where I wanted to explore further into understanding the demonic energies. I was guided by my fantastic therapy friend Danielle Antonson, she is someone open to dive into the "weird" places, thanks for that Dani, I really do appreciate this.
Well, what`s to explore about the demonic realm, it does not even exist in our western mindset and yes, you are right, in the western world, all these kind of domains belong to the woo woo craziness. I believed this myself, until I was hit hard on the head, suffering from sleep paralysis and having a demonic creature sitting on my back in one of those moments. One might say, but hey, this is only the dreamsphere and yes, no one said, they are gonna run around with a physical body. Keeping all the discussion about the reality or existence of those aside... my inner fire was sparked to learn more about them since the incident, yet I felt very cautious. It does not feel like a very easy territory to enter, that is for sure.
So it took me quite some years to have built up the courage to go there - meeting the mischievious dark ones does not really sound like a fun ride - and here is just a short but fascinating insight to what came to the surface within the session yesterday.
When I went back to a lifetime where I held the knowledge about casting out demons, I saw myself sitting cross-legged, meditating in a white gown, very peaceful and calm, yet I sensed a very strong build up of energy within. Meditation was a daily practice of hygiene and I must have started from very early on. Life appeared to be very structured and focussed. I was learning from a master and he had two more students. The master looked very much like the clichee of old Kung Fu movie masters and he appeared out of nowhere and left whenever his teaching was done, just to return at a later time.
So moving forward in that lifetime, we went to a moment where I was busy casting out a demon and there was no fear at all within me, since I had thoroughly built up my inner energy field, yet it was clear, the demon did not want to give up so easily. The demon was invading the body of a drunkard, because by drinking an easy entry point was delivered to the demon and the demon enjoyed to drink. It became very clear, that demons love to possess those who are easily falling for the mundane, who are easily tricked into addictions, overindulgance, any kind of obsessive sensual behaviour without any balance.
I saw myself standing infront of the drunkard, clearly commanding the demon to leave and he did not want to give up his easy pray, so he clearly fought back. There was no reasoning with it, since its whole persona was like a misbehaving stubborn child, yet without the connection to the strand of divine, without the inner urge towards goodness, because it was only focussing on the sensual pleasures which it could not experience itself without a body, so it was using the bodies of others.
It dawned upon me, that the demon would have had the option to be born into a human body itself, but it was not willing to take any responsibility for its own doing, it was only focussed on the easy and quick enjoyment of its urges.
While I was fighting it, it used all its tricks and metaphyiscal knowledge to counteract my attacks. His attacks were made up of the deranged dark energies in condensed form and mine from the oppositve, from divine light. After I could send a very focussed strong energy towards the demon, I saw how its persona disintegrated within the light and a tiny dust like spark of originating from creation remained. I left it there, I left it with its choice what to do from here on, since it was not my job to bring him back to the light, to judge or to influence, but to only make sure that balance was kept between the human and the demonic realm.
Demons are meant to stay within their dimension and not invade the bodies of humans, yet within my lifetime the goalpost of balance shifted. Humans tended to be more focussed on material fulfillment and less on spiritual growth, so demons became stronger and could invade more of the human sphere.
Which is what we can see in our times now. Where greed and the focus on physical achievements is dominating our world, while the spiritual sphere gets ridiculed. The dogma of science where we are pushed to ignore the rest of what we are made of, besides the mechano-physical completely. We can not thrive, if only one of the spheres is dominating, be it the physical, the mental, the emotional or the spiritual, we do need the balance. It is about us to embrace every aspect of us and see its value within. This is how we are gonna turn the ship around, by integrating all spheres into our being.
It was so very beautiful to revisit this lifetime and sense how we are so powerful if we align with our divine nature and all we can do and have to do is to cultivate the balance within and this will automatically invite others to do the same just by being who we are
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