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While I was exploring how to cast out demons in the last session, I also learned some very essential aspects, which felt like a great reminder on how to live our life now. And here I am going to share them with you.
See, this is the great part of past life regressions, when we meet our insights and awareness from then, our learning, we can strengthen this within ourselves for our present lifetime. The enrichment of what came up, was so beautiful and so powerful, that I reminded myself to bring it back into my life and re-awaken it since then again and again.
The first important aspect to learn was, why demons could even invade our space and I already mentioned addictions, but the underlying cause for it is, when we move away from our own inner light, when we move away from listening to our soul, when we move away from our own self, towards avoiding, avoiding to take responsibility for our lives, avoiding to take good care of our inner world, avoiding to meet who we are. Within this state, there is a tendency to cut oneself off from life, from the life-force, from the connection to the higher self and the divine. It is a loss of are, a loss of curiosity, a loss of spark and joy for being alive.
The second aspect was to sense, what makes oneself unreachable, non-vulnerable to those who benefit from us being devoid.
The solution might sound easy, yet if we are so familiar at avoiding, it is not, because we need to learn to be full, fully present, completely connected to our inner spark, to our inner joy, awe, amazement of life and falling in love with every tiny part of ourselves in an authentic way, seeing and sensing the divine makeup. It is an enjoyment and fulfillment in the moment, by recognizing the divine within and without.
During the session, I as the balance-keeper was seeing myself simply sitting, meditating daily for a continuous long time, building the inner field by merely having the awareness of my true self. "The silent presence" how it is named by Shunyamurti and for sure many other mystic teachers as well. It was a getting-to-know the self process and also a process of removing the non-self, which was everything that was coming from the human judgemental sphere.
And having built up this inner awareness of knowing oneself, there was such a buzzing energy of love for all there is and no judgement towards however it expressed itself.
Of course my job was to keep the balance between the demonic and the human realm, because they were not meant to intermingle. Yet the demonic had its place in the creation as well as all the other realms.
What I feel we are called to do now, is to bring in the balance into our own self again, so the goalpost between the demonic and human realm can be set back to a healthy place again, where human life can be lived without too much darkness and with a hunger for light and the the way for us to achieve this is by connecting to our inner fire again, by embracing our passion, our curiosity for life, for exploring our own life and diving deep into our self, without fear, because there is nothing more exciting that to get to know more about your own inner depth, there is so much to discover, such a vastness of potentiality.
I for my part love to walk the walk and love even more to see you join me in, celebrating the beauty of your divine nature and the divine nature in the other.
Ignite your inner fire, you will be astounded by the magnificence and beauty you will find.
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