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Can you imagine, that it could be due to a split soul part of yours?
I would love to share my experience, about an issue that was surfacing over and over again, with you.
Since the last two years, I had these reocurring unpleasant dreams. They were not similar in the content, I was always at completely different places and saw completely different people, but the feelings were the same. I was always somewhere foreign, knowing no one, having no friends around, feeling absolutely aimless and also having no ambition to do anything. There was also no insight on how to change my situation, it felt like an eternal repetitive state.
I was wondering for quite a while, whether this could be a precognitive insight, since the state of the world somehow does appear quite gloomy and its future as well from time to time. So my worries were, whether I would need to somehow face a similar state one day or another. But in the overall make up of the dreams, those were not my usual precognitive dreams, where I would wake up in the middle of the night and remember every detail clearly, but they were those, that just left me with a certain feeling, a deep sadness, having forgotten most of the details afterwards.
So I really wanted to explore this issue somewhen in a session and had even asked Dani to do so weeks ago, but was determined to have another session in between, where I wanted to learn more about the mysteries of the lower realms. I had prioritized to learn more about the dark ones, because it felt more urgent, more important to share with the world.
Yet in exactly this session, somehow my subconscious mind picked up on what had puzzled me since quite a while. In the regression itself Dani asked me to connect with the feeling I had, when I sensed someone being possessed by a dark one. I told her how it left me powerless, confused and lost and I didn`t know what to do. As she guided me back, to where this feeling came from, I found myself in the middle of a war zone, completely overwhealmed, in shock, to be more clear in shell shock. I shortly beforehand had to observe how my very best friend, whom I had sworn to protect, had been killed by an explosive shot in the face. He was gone in an instant and I just stood there, felt as if I had completely failed him, drowning in the survivors guilt and in traumtized, being left in the freeze state. Whatever was going on around me, I couldn`t grasp it any longer. I sensed my own body giving in and being curled together, like an embryo and not even being capable of noticing opposing military personal approaching.
As I moved forward in time, I saw myself walking aimlessly through the streets, being rejected and ignored by everyone. The only thing I was facing was hostility and I was deeply disappointed at mankind, for them not having a tiny sensation of empathy towards me, the one who tried to fight for the freedom of all of us.
When we went to the end of the lifetime, I saw myself cowered on the floor and being bayonetted, strangely in the same scene I had been beforehand.
As we wanted to explore what had been unresolved in the life between lives state, I realized "Hey, wait a minute, a part of my soul is stuck on earth" and so it was clear, we had to get it back. This part of my soul was walking around completely disoriented and I realized that I had actually died in the exact same battle where my close friend had died just moments before me, and all the hostility I had faced later on, must have been a misunderstanding from my side, because I had been a wandering ghost since the traumatic event on the battlefield and probably no one had noticed me or if they had noticed me somehow, it would have been more than understandable that I was not welcome.
This soul part of mine, that was split off due to the traumatic event, did not recognize, that the life had ended and was completely encased in all the overwhealming feelings. All the heaviness was keeping it earthbound. The only way to reach this part was, by having a dialogue with the best friend and ask him for forgiveness first. The survivor`s guilt and disappointment of having failed to protect him, weighed heavy on my lost part. His friend, who felt like a very dear soul, forgave easily and was willing to go down to the earth plane in order to convince the lost soul part to return, which it did after a while, after calming down it`s worries and heavy feelings, realizing that I had carried a survivor`s guilt within that part for not even surviving.
This was the most baffling insight I had in that moment, since it did not even make sense to me, but this is yet another example of how emotions might not be rational to the experience, because the experience was interpreted and understood in a completely different way than what reality was.
In the nights after the session, I did not even think about the session any longer, yet surprisingly none of the unpleasant dreams showed up any longer and by that I realized the connection to what I had experienced in a previous lifetime and the emotions that I was re-experiencing in those dreams over and over again.
Looking at it now, I was actually feeling all the emotions which that split part of mine was going through all the time, all the sensations of loneliness, aimlessness, being rejected, having no home. I was completely puzzled, how this could have been even possible, but it was, my soul was trying to communicate about this unhealed wound with me and it took me so long to finally sense and understand where it came from.
So just letting you know, in case you do have reoccuring dreams with unpleasant feelings, this can be easily explored in a regression and I would be happy to guide you there.
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