Regressing back to the unhealed

December 30, 2023by Iris Fischer0

What does “regressing” actually mean? It means to move back to certain events which are connected to a specific issue we are struggling with, within your memory bank. We are moving back to the root cause of a certain blockage. The focus of a regression is to recall specific parts of a memory, while we are taking your emotions and perceptions as a valuable part of it into consideration.

It is a moving back in time, in order to review what happened then, to receive more insights and also reflect upon it from a different angle. To notice the truth how it was for you.

Just allow yourself to consider, your consciousness is being present since the moment of your birth and even way before that. This means everything you ever experienced is stored within your memory, your field, even your body. And since your consciousness was not carrying a specific problem you are struggling with now from the beginning, there must have been an event or experience, which created this topic within your life. Something must have caused this.

It is like finding the pebble in a lake, which caused the ripples on the surface and the good thing is, your brilliant subconscious mind knows how to find it. We do not need to leave this to our conscious mind, but to an intelligence within us, which is way more complex and fascinating than we oftentimes are aware of.

One reason why regressions are so powerful is, because we are bringing aspects from our past into our consciousness and are therefor able to put whatever happened then into perspective. We are able to see the truth as we have felt it, are able to recognize different circumstances to a situation and see how they impacted us.

As children, we usually look through the lens of a child, seeing the world in a limited way, just like we are capable of with the few experiences we have. We so often do not understand the world of adults and why they behave in a certain way. This makes us vulnerable to take on what someone else wants us to believe. Very often children are convinced they are at fault when things go wrong and oftentimes even got the blame. Sometimes for things they did not do and sometimes blame is the only response instead of coming from a place of understanding and support.

The intrinsic urge from children to unconditionally love the own family, makes them prone to blame themselves for the mess happening around them and of course love can fade, but we so often take on the burdens of others as children, because we do not want to be a burden ourselves. We so often try to fulfill expectations which might go against our own inner wishes or voice, just in order to feel loved.

And for our past lives it is not much different, when we see ourselves as evolving consciousness. We were not able to see something from a higher perspective then, we might not have had the power to heal our wounds then, but the shift within our consciousness helps to heal even past live wounds. It helps our soul to evolve and move forwards, leaving karmic ripples behind.

The good thing is, we are not bound to our past and we are not bound to whatever did mark us then. We have the power to soothen and soften the ripples within ourselves, we have the power to overcome all kind of struggles and return back to freedom, heal our inner selves and even live up to our full potential, but it so often will not happen, if we are not willing to face our shadows, to face our wounds, to face our unhealed aspects and I am here for that. I am here to support and guide you exactly through the dark, in order to stand fully within your own light.

The past holds the answers to alter your present and by that the future will change as well


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