Reparenting the lost parts

December 30, 2023by Iris Fischer0

One of the most astonishing and most beautiful moments within regressions is oftentimes the reparenting of the younger versions of our self.

Keeping in mind that our struggles do happen because something was too big for us to resolve then. Something was too overwhealming, too painful, too confusing, too scary, we just could not deal with it in the past and giving us what we needed then, is the most powerful thing we can do.

The next step (after bringing the whole situation into relation to where it comes from) within the session is, to go back to the scenes you uncovered with your adult self and go into dialogue with the younger version of yourself. This is where the whole situation begins to shift. This might sound like too easy as a trick, but the power lies within the shift of the emotions, because when we can see ourselves with compassion during the moments when we suffered, we do not abandon this wounded part of ourselves any longer. We abandoned it for so long already. It needs to return. We need to call it back and reintegrate it, in order for us to feel whole again.

Whatever the experience was, we now see that we only had a limited set of tools to deal with the situation then. We might have been a child then, we might have been dependend or the circumstances might have been too difficult. We could not help ourselves then and we might not have found a way our or known any better. Our burdens deserve to be seen, understood and be dissolved.

Seeing what kind of pain and struggle this experience created within us for so long and to learn how we were so much in need for guidance, support and love then, we realize how important it becomes to meet this aspect of ourselves from a place of compassion and understanding.

We are able to finally give ourselves what we needed so urgently and did not receive from others then. We do carry this innate ability within us to heal and overcome even the toughest pain and struggles. It sometimes might need patience and determination, but the incredible wisdom we carry inside always keeps this door open.

And you will notice within the session, when you see this younger version of yourself infront of you, you know that you tried your best, you see that you usually had the very best intentions, just did not know any better and whatever happened then, deserves to be resolved now. Looking through the eyes of love and compassion, you will notice how all the tension, all the dense, all the binding, all the judgement and rejection will dissolve. Leaving the charge of the experience behind and filling it up with a higher wisdom, brings you back into charge, allows you to take ownership of your life again.

With the traumatic past events, we so often do feel disempowered and parts of us remain in a child like state, when triggered, but bringing them back into harmony and filling ourselves with love, creates a state of acceptance and resets us for a new start.


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