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Life can be a challenge, especially if we are coming from a background with a lot of struggles. And sometimes it seems easier to distract ourself to forget about what is going on in our life, but whatever kind of challenge it is, it won`t dissolve by only hiding away. Hiding away and trying to be invisible is a feeling that is way too familiar to many, and it was for me too. Sometimes it works out to play this game for years or decades or sometimes even for a whole life, but the price you pay is huge, the price is to not be connected to yourself. I could play this game of hide and seek for more than two decades, until having the second child, which was a huge turning point for me. It got me to realize, that no matter what, I had to deal with my own emotional struggles first, as they were standing in my way to be the person I wanted to be. There was huge pain, depression, anxiety and loads of anger. Yes, they can be resolved and not even that, they can even be transformed in such an empowering way that life is in your hands again. I was able to achieve that and so can you.

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